Dr. of Physical Therapy and Personal Trainer

Looking to improve your performance? Strengthen your body? Remedy a current/ past injury? 

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My Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy stems around evidence based practice that has been backed by strong scientific research. Due to my strength training background, I give my clients the tools they need to recover from injury safely and stronger than before. 

I love working with soccer, running, and snow sport athletes. Due to my life long participation in these activities, I understand what these sports require and the detailed movements behind them. 

I do not believe one exercise mode is superior to another. They all offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

While a manual hands-on approach is appropriate at times, I prefer to educate the client, provide them the tools and deliver the long term solution they are seeking. 

Athletic Resume

Movement Consultation

Whether you are looking to improve your performance, alleviate a previous nagging injury, or strengthen your body. Movement Consultations consist of:

  • 70 minute online evaluation
  • Complete a  thorough history interview
  • Observe and measure strength/ flexibility/ mobility through tests.
  • Provide a base set of exercises/ suggestions that are evidence based and most effective for you
  • Also included is a weekly check-in to answer an any questions/ concerns. 

Consider it a personal training program on steroids. 

Elevate your performance


Maybe you are searching for a new approach to elevate your performance? I can provide my expertise and create a plan based on what I see during our initial movement consultation. 

I base all my plans of care to solve the root of the problem, measure progress based on goals that are most important to the patient, and listen every step of the way. 

By no means is this journey going to be easy. The patient will need to put the work in to see the results they desire. I promise, if you trust the process you will see positive changes. 


My 12 Week Online Program - Shred 2.0 HIIT

12 weeks/ Home based/ Minimal equipment/ Strengthening – Endurance – Yoga – Plyometrics – Meditation.

Start your season strong with this 12 week program. Whether your goals are increased performance, injury prevention, weight loss or increased energy.

Developed by a Dr. of Physical Therapy/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Certified Yoga Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ Licensed High School Health Teacher and snowboard enthusiasts.